You can get your bank statements on the FNB App or through cellphone banking. 

Accessing your bank statement on the FNB App: 

  1. Log in to the FNB App 
  2. Select “My Bank Accounts”
  3. Select “Statements” on the eZi menu next to the account of the statement you want
  4. Select “Email me a statement”
  5. Enter our email address: and click “Send”

Accessing your bank statement through cellphone banking:

  1. Register for the FNB USSD channel by dialing *120*321# 
  2. Select “Banking”, making sure to choose the account your salary gets deposited into, and click “Send”
  3. Choose “Statements” and click “Send”
  4. Choose “Email me a statement” and click “Send”
  5. Choose “Last 3 statements (FREE)” and click “Send”
  6. Choose “Continue” and click “Send”
  7. Enter our email address: and click “Send” 
  8. Choose “Confirm” and click “Send”