1. Log into www.finchoice.mobi 
  2. Click on the product you'd like to apply for
  3. Select your Loan amount from a dropdown list and the duration in which you’d like to pay back your Loan 
  4. You will now see the instalment amount of your Loan 
  5. Once you are happy with the amount, term and repayment, click “Apply now” 
  6. Fill in your personal details 
  7. Click “Confirm” 
  8. Enter any other income 
  9. Click “Next” 
  10. Enter your gross and net income, including your household expenses 
  11. You will then see your affordability based on your information 
  12. Click “Confirm” and enter your banking details 
  13. Click “Continue” and enter your address and name of employer 
  14. Provide your next of kin details 
  15. Read through our Protection Plan for your Loan 
  16. Select “Yes” if you agree to the Terms and Conditions 
  17. Select “No” if you’d like to decline the offer 
  18. Select “Yes” or “No” depending on whether you’d like to substitute the Protection Plan for another 
  19. If you selected “Yes”, you would need to send us the documents for your Protection Plan 
  20. After clicking “Next”, you will see the Terms and Conditions of the Loan (This is a breakdown of the Loan, the fees and the costs)
  21. Accept the Debit Order 
  22. Accept the Fees and Charges of the Loan agreement 
  23. Accept the Terms and Conditions 
  24. You will see a “Congratulations” page 
  25. You can now upload your documents 
  26. Click on “Document Uploader” 
  27. Select the document type from the dropdown 
  28. Select the month that the document is for 
  29. Click on "Choose file", select the document and upload it