Once you are logged into your account on www.finchoice.mobi, go to the “Loan status” section. You will see the steps required before money can be paid into your bank account. You can also accept your DebiCheck mandate and upload documents here.

You will only be able to view the status of your Loan if you are registered on www.finchoice.mobi.

Reason for this step
Status step 1 The Loan status can be viewed from the date the application was submitted.
Status step 2 You can accept your DebiCheck debit order mandate with just a few clicks on this screen. Your Loan status will then update automatically.  
Status step 3 You will also be able to upload documents on this screen in just a few clicks. Your Loan status will then update automatically.  
Status step 4 If you are just waiting for the application to be processed, you will see this under the status: ‘We need to process your application’. 
Once the application has been processed, the status will change to ‘Processed’, along with the date of processing.
Status step 5 The final step is to pay the money into your account. If there is anything else that is needed, you’ll see this update:  'We will disburse your money after the above steps are completed.’